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Printable Gallery Submission Form
email the following information to me at
Members Online Gallery Information Form

Please fill out the following information. Email or mail the information or form along with your chosen photos or image disk to Cyndi Bolt.

Name ________________________________________________________________
Business Name __________________________________________________________
Mailing Address _________________________________________________________
Phone Number, with area code ________________________________________________
E-mail address __________________________________________________________
Your Web site URL _______________________________________________________
Media ________________________________________________

Short description of your work:
* describe the medium, style or techniques used
* 25 words or less - we reserve the right to edit
* you should not repeat your name in the description as it will be listed in the address


New images periodically are needed to keep your page fresh !
  Save jpg or png or tif images at 144 resolution, then 600 pixels on the longest side to email to me.

____ my images are enclosed

Image # 1 Name & Description ________________________________________________
Image # 2 Name & Description _______________________________________________

Mail to : Cyndi Bolt, 374 Edds Branch Road, Wayne, WV 25570

E-mail the text, saved as plain text, to: bolt3 @ marshall.edu (remove the spaces)
To ask questions: 304-849-4341 and ask for Cyndi Bolt

WVACG Website: www.wvartcraftguild.com
MOG: www.wvartcraftguild.com/wvacgmog/mog.html

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West Virginia Art and Craft Guild, 7257 Smithville Rd., Harrisville, WV 26362 - 7010   
phone: (304) 849-4341   (Cyndi)
E-mail: info@cyndibolt.com    info@wvartcraftguild.com    

Last Updated: 05/14/2019