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Data we need to do your entry

Email data to:  Cyndi at: or

Or snail mail your neatly printed information plus
two photos of your work to the address below.

[1]  Your name
[2]  Your media
[3]  Business name
[4]  Mailing address
[5]  Phone number
[6]  Email address
[7]  Website address

[8] Short description of your work -
        * describe the medium, style or
techniques used
        * 25 words or less (will edit if longer)
        * it is not necessary to use complete sentences
        * you should not repeat your name in the description as it will be listed on
the address page

[9]  Two (2) images of your work !
* scanned / saved at 144 dpi or higher
* size = minimum 600 pixels on longest side
* save as jpg, highest quality

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A Few Photography Tips -

(This is the biggie!)
1) Photograph the work, not the background -
75% of the photo should be of your work.  Avoid having too much background.  I will edit it out.  If you have props in the image, keep them simple.

2)  A simple background is best -
A blank white surface is usually the best on which to photo your work.  If you use fabric, iron it first to eliminate distracting wrinkles.

3)  Use daylight lighting -
a)  Use an outdoor setting with an white/even colored background, not in direct sunlight. 
b)  Use an indoor setting of daylight CFL's with an white/even colored background.  Use plenty of light.  One light is not enough.  Try to light the object from at least two sides.

4)  Send 144 resolution images, minimum -
Some images need a little adjustment such as brightening or cropping.  I need some latitude to re-save the image without quality loss.  Images are reduced in size and resolution to fit in the gallery space.

5)  You can send large original images -
 Since I now (finally!) have higher speed internet, you can send the original image and I can adjust it for you.  Final appearance is yours to decide, if you feel it should be adjusted differently.

6)  A darker'ish image is easier to adjust
than a lighter'ish one -
A dark image has more hidden digital information than a lighter one.  I can lighten an image more successfully than I can darken one.  Really.

7)  Search "Photographing your work" to find additional tutorials and photo information.  What information I can provide here is minimal at best.

 - Cyndi Bolt

-  Last update - 3-26-2014  -